Serendipity started it all.

A Few Words About Us

Our company was born out of genuine frienship.

We think different...

… because we started differently. It was an unassuming stroll in the park for 2 families as they had done many times before.  Same park, same time, same purpose to entertain the energy out of their kids and capture the moment in all of its glory. Both families come out in full photographic gear  hoping to document their precious times to its full extent. Stillness is not a thing for kids and pets. You best adorned yourself with the best gear you can carry with you. This …. also happens to be a great conversation starter. It is exactly that conversation about photography and exchanged glances at previous pictures which lead to an amazing partnership. Hence, we have APPLEBOX DIGITAL

A True Partnership

Just like our initial partnership, we strive to form sincere relationships with our clients. To name a few...

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